Internet & Phone

Castle Carrock has a BT fiber line into the village; this means you can get up to 70Mb/s using most internet providers.  Please note that the connection is to the end of Rectory Road, the further you are from here, the slower your speed will be - e.g. those living around the reservoir will get about 50Mb/s. You can use this tool to estimate the speed for your postcode.

Mobile coverage in Castle Carrock has been known to be somewhat of a disaster in the past. Luckily, with the introduction of 4G, it is slightly better than it was.

Vodafone & O2 have got the best signal in the village. This covers most of the outdoors and signal inside some buildings. They both cover the village green. EE is not easy to get in Castle Carrock, although in some places you can - mostly around the sides of the village rather than the centre. Three does not cover Castle Carrock at all.

Some mobile providers offer a WiFi calling service, allowing you to make calls and send texts through WiFi - check your provider's website for more information.

You may find these signal maps useful:

If you are unsure which network your phone provider uses, check out the list below:

Network Provider
EE ASDA Mobile, BT Mobile, The Phone Coop, Virgin Mobile, Axis Mobile, Delight Mobile, Natterbox, Plusnet Mobile, Vectone Mobile
O2 Giffgaff, Tesco Mobile, Sky Mobile, LycaMobile, TalkTalk Mobile
Three iD Mobile, The People's Operator, Globalgig
Vodafone Talk Mobile, Cortel Telephone, Glemnet, Highnet, Lebara Mobile, Ownfone, Zest4 Mobile