Spring Show Results 2014

Class    First Second Third  Highly Commended
1 Container of Daffodils Tom Speight Lin Kendall Lin Kendall  
2 Container of hyacinths Lisa Elwin      
3 Container of muscari George Devereux Helen Eichler    
4 Container of tulips Fern Miller Lin Kendall Grace and Issy Miller  
5 Container of crocus No entries – Not surprisingly as it is mid April!
6 Container of bulbs of any variety Lin Kendall Ben Karim    
  Original container Helen Eichler      
1 Lemon Drizzle cake Titch Mason Tim Booth John Corby George Devereux
2 Simnel Cake Lin Kendall Tom Speight Val Bassendale Trish Brown
3 Hot X Buns Lin Kendall Sam Wright Jessica Laithwaite Tim Booth
4 Easter biscuits Lynne Robinson Madeline Dearman Jessica Laithwaite Olivia Dearman
5 Decorated cup cakes (7-14 years) Henry Low Lucy Tait Fern Miller  
6 Decorated cup cakes (5 to 7 years) Josh Tait Grace Miller Finlay Smith Catriona Smith
7 Easter egg nests Abigail Stark Josh Tait Lucy Stark Gemma Sessford
1 Pasche egg- adults Jenny Thompson Annie Robinson Sarah Sessford Lin Kendall
2 Pasche Egg – children Josh Tait Jessica Sessford Gemma Sessford Emma Atkinson
3 Hand knitted item Jessica Sessford Emma Atkinson Emma Atkinson  
4 Hand sewn item Emma Atkinson Esme Watson Jessica Laithwaite Madeline Dearman
5 Collage picture Josh Tait Lucy Tait Jessica Sessford Lily Dearman
Castle Carrock School – Handwritten Poem or Easter Picture
  Class 1 Lydia Sabuda Kate Stainton Catriona Smith Merry Lambert
  Class 2 Evie Archie James Gemma
  Class 3 Fern Miller Sammy Ryder Eva O’Connor Anna Helliwell
  Class 4 Ellie Weston Alys Webster Merryn Chapman Scarlet Jenner
The Judges were so impressed with the number of decorated eggs which were entered they decided that it was too difficult to judge them against the Pasche eggs and so created a special class in which these eggs could be judged on their own merit
Special Class Decorated Egg Harry Mason Esme Watson Jacob Dearman