Following six requests for allotments, the Parish Council set about providing allotments for Castle Carrock. In 2016 the Castle Carrock Allotments opened. There are six and a half plots in total some of which are sub divided  for those who only want to tend to a smaller patch.

Plots are issued on a first come first served basis for parishioners. Residents of surrounding parishes may apply however offers will only be made to them if a local tenant is not found after period of time decided by the Castle Carrock Allotment Association.

The Castle Carrock Allotment Association are responsible for the day-to-day running of the allotments. The association meets once every two months. The committee members are:

Role Officer
Chair Hilary Holland
Treasurer Eileen Allsopp
Secretary Pete Eichler
Lettings Administrator Tim Booth
Member George Devereux
Member Sheila Hassall

Allotment Files