Gary Mason

Gary was born on 24th September 1964 at Brampton Cottage Hospital, the first child of proud parents Liz and Arthur Mason. Home was Stone House, Castle Carrock which is still the family home. His little brother Shaun completed the family. He attended Castle Carrock School then Irthing Valley before going to Carlisle Technical College. He served his time with Lawson’s the joiners, learning a lot from Bobby Childs whom he had a great respect for.

Childhood was a wonderful time spent in Castle Carrock with Gary and Shaun doing what normal boys do, get into mischief. There was Gary’s Gang, The Hardknocks, and not to be outdone Shaun’s Gang, Smasher Knocks. Each had their own shed with a sign on the door. At an early age they quickly learnt how to make money i.e. selling toads to local boys. Double toads as well, but we won’t go into that!

Gary had a lot of pets over the years including cats, rabbits, gerbils, fish, dogs, pigeons and a barn owl. He told me the barn owl was down to Tom Moore. He showed Gary where it was. So what did Gary do? He took the nest and owl and put it in the holly bush at home. Well, what else would you expect from a little boy.

Gary’s working life saw him have various jobs before finally becoming self employed. Home was wherever he laid his hat, but it began and ended in Castle Carrock. His taste in music was wide ranging from Genesis to Irish Music. He particularly loved the fells and especially his time spent at Garth Head and Nixon Head, where he learnt to drive a Massey Ferguson 135; which brought him on the last leg of his journey today.

The constant factor in his life for the past 12 years was Charlotte. She even managed to get him to go on holiday to Ireland for a week. Well almost! He came back for Music on the Marr. They enjoyed many camping holidays at Beadnell.

Gary could turn his hand to anything and lately he had been making walking sticks and whistles. He loved wood in all its forms. He enjoyed fell walking, fishing and was a keen Newcastle United supporter. He also enjoyed the occasional drink!

Now I have heard some stories which I couldn’t possibly repeat, but I know Peter Crystal and Mark Brown have many more to tell. I gather his nickname was ‘Lord Lucan’. I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions! Gary was good natured, always smiling and nothing got him down. He was at one with nature especially at Geltsdale and the fells around Castle Carrock. He respected people and was a loving uncle to Alice, Faith and Maddie and was very fond of Abbie.

This last part is what Gary especially asked me to say.

Thank you to Alison Waugh(Goodchild) for being a brilliant neighbour.
To my best mates Peter Crystal and Alan Mason, thank you for the great times.
To my family, mam and dad, brother Shaun, Val and the girls for wonderful memories.
To Charlotte, my partner and now wife for 12 special years.
Without her I could not have coped.
My last work was done at Greenwell, my legacy to you all and a place I loved.
THANK YOU for making life what it has been. I’ve been lucky to live my life in a nice place surrounded by nice people.

Gary died in 2014. God Bless you Gary. We thank you for the impact you made on all of us.