Murder at the Movies - A Murder Mystery at The Watson Institute on Saturday February 9th at 7pm

Murder at the Movies - A Murder Mystery at The Watson Institute on Saturday February 9th at 7pm

Come and enjoy an evening of sleuth like work as you and your table solve the mystery of a murder in Hollywood in the 1940's.

The evening will include a delicious home cooked two course meal and you are invited to bring a bottle or get drinks from the Duke next door.

Murder at the Movies

Hollywood in the 1940's. The most glamorous place on earth. Corny Brothers studios is delighted to open its doors for exclusive backstage tours, allowing a fascinating peek behind the scenes into how the movies are made. Meet with the stars of the next Hollywood hit and enjoy a unique opportunity to chat to both the writer and director of thespectacular Gone with the Wind sequel; Back with the Breeze.

**Please note : Since the death of star Mark Cable who was mysteriously found shot in his locked trailer, places on Corny Brothers Studio Tours are extremely limited. Studio bosses Tom and Jerry Corny are prepared to offer a substantial reward if any participant is able to offer a solution to his seemingly inexplicable murder...**

Crack the clues, interrogate the suspects and catch the killer in an interactive mystery event brought to you by murder maestros Highly Suspect. Fun, frivolities and fatalities guaranteed! 

What is a Highly Suspect Murder Mystery?

An inexplicable murder takes place before you. An impossible crime which has stumped the police. So alongside your fellow amateur sleuths you must work to figure out whodunnit, how and why!

You will spend time in the company of the highly suspicious suspects as they discuss the murder and their connections to the victim. Hidden within will be various cryptic clues, motives and mysteries revealed over the course of the evening for you to investigate. Additionally you will be privy to crucial evidence exhibits provided by the police that containing puzzles and secrets which may help solve the case.

Interactive theatre at its most inventive, a Highly Suspect murder mystery gives opportunity to live out your detective fantasies and get the little grey cells working to crack the case and catch a killer. 

Fun, frivolity and fatalities guaranteed! 

Tickets from 01228 670054 £16 to include supper